Horn Mounting Bolts
Horn Mounting Kit Kit Includes:
  • 2) Zinc Plated Bolts with Built in Star Washers
  • 2) Square Nuts to weld on Back Side of Horn Brackets
  Since the original style "Self Tapping" Zinc plated bolts are not reproduced we've come up with another way to mount the horns that looks factory when done.     We weld the Nuts on the back side of the horns as shown in the photo. That allows us to use a Standard thread Zinc Bolt with built in Star Washer. When done and mounted it looks like the factory bolts!      
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Manual Trans Start Switch Bracket
A nice Reproduction of the Manual Transmission Neutral Safety Start Switch Bracket Fits 1969 - 1972 Skylark, GS & GSX with a Manual Transmission Works with the Factory Neutral Safety Switch Source - Stage 1 Restoration     There is a bigger version of this Diagram on our Factory Diagrams Section!  
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Mirror Map Light Replacement Bulb
Rear View Mirror "Map Light" Replacement Bulb Made by Sylvania   This is the correct replacement bulb for cars equipped with a factory Map Light   .
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Mirror Mounting Hardware
Exterior Mirror Mounting Hardware Fits 1970 – 1972 Standard or Sport Mirrors Kit Includes:
  • 4) Mirror Bracket Mounting Screws
  • 2) Chrome Mirror to Bracket Screws
    Stage 1 Restoration has the most hardware of any vendor for the 1970 – 1972 GS / GSX & Skylark Models. Don’t see what you need ?  Give me a call, we probably have it!  
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Motor Mount Bolt Kit – 350
350 Motor Mount & Frame Pad Bolt Kit  Fits 1968 – 1972 350 Engines Best Bolt Kits on the Market will be found here at Stage 1 Restoration!   Kit includes the following:
  • 4) Motor Mount to the Engine Block Bolts
  • 6) Motor Mount to the Frame Bolts & Nuts
  • 2) Motor to the Chassis Bolts & Nuts
  • 2) Washers for Passenger Side Frame Mount
  Note: The Washers that are included go on the Passenger Side Frame Pad where the holes are slotted!     Stage 1 Restoration has the most hardware of any vendor for the 1970 – 1972 GS / GSX & Skylark Models. Don’t see what you need ?  Give me a call, we probably have it!    
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Motor Mount Swap Kit (350 to 455)
350 to 455 Motor Mount Swap Kit Kit Provides the following:
  • 455 Engine Mounts
  • 455 Frame Pads
  • Correct GM Hardware needed for each
Fits 1968 to 1972 Skylark, GS & GSX   .
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Oil Pressure Elbow & Adapter (For Aftermarket Sending Unit)
This is the correct NPT Adapter & 45 Degree Elbow to mount our Oil Pressure Sending Unit to the Buick 455 Block Fits Buick Engines with 1/4" NPT inlet & 1/8" NPT Sending Units   Note: This fitting is to be used with the current aftermarket Sending Units. If you are fortunate enough to have a Factory Sending Unit that still works you will not need the adapter Fitting.  
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Oil Pressure Sending Unit Elbow
This is the 45 Degree Elbow used by the Factory to mount the Oil Pressure Sending Unit on cars with Factory Gauges This fits the Factory Sending Unit as well as our aftermarket Sending Units. If you purchase one of our Aftermarket Sending Units you will need this along with our 1/4" to 1/8" Reducer.  
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Overflow Hose Kit
Over Flow Hose Kit Kit provides both hoses and correct clamps as seen in our photo Fits 1970 - 1972 Skylark, GS & GSX   Note: Overflow Tank Sold Separately    
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Overflow Recovery Tank & Hose Kit
Reproduction Overflow Tank & Hose Kit Kit contains the correct Ribbed Hoses as well as the Recovery Tank. Fits 1970 - 1972 Skylark, GS & GSX . Installation Tip: Prior to shipping these are inspected to make sure the Nipples are not broke. (2 total) One on top and one on the bottom. We then bubble wrap them so they do not break during shipping. They are fragile so use caution when installing your hoses. Do not "Force" them! If you're using the wrong size hose and force them the nipples can break and that is not a "warranty" situation. So take your time and install the hoses carefully! . .
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Power Door Lock Replacement Connector
Replacement Power Door Lock (Single) Switch Connector Used to replace faulty wiring connection Correct for 1970 – 1972 (and more)    
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Power Steering Bracket – Aluminum Version
This is the Aluminum Power Steering Bracket found on Buick Motors up to 1970 Fits 340, 350, 400, 430 & 455 Years Used - 1967 - 1970 GM Part Number 1378150  (TA Part # TA-8025)   Note: This Bracket is used in conjunction with our Item #  ST 5192 S if installing on a Big Block Buick. We have a nice Power Steering Bolt Kit for the 1967 – 1970 GS Models. Check our Bolts & Fasteners Page for details! We also have a Complete Kit which Provides the Aluminum Bracket, The 2) Outer Steel Brackets and all the Mounting Hardware!      
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