Shipping Fee’s

Stage 1 Restoration Charges the EXACT Shipping fee’s required to get your package to your door. (Not an inflated Rate like most vendors) Because we charge the EXACT amount we cannot provide the shipping fee’s at the time of “check out”. We basically have to pack your order at which point we can then weigh it and submit the information into our shipping software. At that point we will know the exact amount.

If you would still like an estimate please e-mail me and I’ll do my best to get an estimate of the shipping fee’s for you.


After looking at the Warranty time frame from each company we deal with it appears they’re all limiting their Warranty Period to 30 Days.

So with that being said our Warranty Period will also be 30 Days. These are some of the exclusions that are also in place with all of these companies:

Returns must be in there original – unmolested packaging so we can re-sell to a future customer as a “New Item”. You wouldn’t want to receive a “used item”, nor do we want to sell the next guy a “used item”.

Restocking Fee on returns. This ranged from 20% to 25%. Stage 1 Restoration will stick with 20%.

Shipping Fees. This one is touchy. Shipping Fees are paid to the Delivery Services to deliver your products. They’re not going to refund those fees in any situation. I compare this to purchasing a part locally. If you decide to return it you’ll get your money back but not the gas money you used to get there. Shipping Fees are basically like gas money. In most cases NONE of these companies refund the shipping fees.

Stage 1 Restoration will take this case by case but in most situations shipping fees will not be refunded.

RA Number required for ALL Warranty or Return Items. Call us first to discuss your situation. At that time we’ll give you an RA Number which will tell us what to do with that product when it arrives.

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