Todd Miller’s 1970 Buick GS Stage 1

One of my personal projects is a documented 1970 Buick GS Stage 1.


This is a Super Clean – Rust Free Car that came from Colorado and should be the nicest GS I’ve owned and restored when finished. Purchased in 2015 I immediately cleaned up the engine bay and replaced the original Drivetrain and installed a 1970 455, 1970 Transmission and Moser 12 Bolt Rear End for the purpose of racing it.

The current motor is a 1970 455 that has Cast Iron Stage 1 Heads and a lot of port work otherwise the motor is pretty much stock. My goal was to have a stock appearing Stage 1 GS that would run 11 second E.T.s without any (visible) aftermarket engine parts. The rest of the car would be Factory throughout as well. 

Some highlights worth mentioning:

  • Runs on Pump Gas
  • No Fiberglass Parts
  • No Lexan Windows
  • No Headers
  • No Aluminum Engine parts painted red
  • All Cast Iron parts in place!
  • Gessler Port work
  • QJ Carb!
  • Factory Air Cleaner
  • Factory Interior
  • Concours Restoration completed in November (2022)
  • 11 second ET’s – possibly high 10’s with the new Motor! (Stay Tuned)


I’m on a 30 year mission to prove how fast these cars can be without all the aftermarket goodies found on most “Race Cars”.


2016 Update: Best E.T. so far: 11.92 @ 110 MPH

We have also ran 11.92 on the brakes so with good air we feel we’re currently in the 11.70 area. Best 60 foot so far: 1.61 – Factory Cast Iron Heads, Cast Iron Intake, Quadra Jet Carb and Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds.

2020 Update: New Motor with Custom Cam & Frame Off Restoration currently underway at Autokraft.
The above photos are Prior to Frame Off Restoration . . . .

2022 Update: Concours Restoration done! New motor should see low 11’s while still remaining “Stock Appearing”. We are happy to announce the car scored Concours Silver at MCACN. We missed GOLD by 4 points. If we would have put the spare tire and jack assembly in the trunk it would have scored Concours Gold. That along with replacing some of the original drivetrain in the interest of preserving it while racing was what we lost points on. Car scored 946 out of 1,000 points. The majority of those points were lost due to an aftermarket 2.5″ exhaust system, aftermarket driveshaft and driveshaft loop, 12 Bolt Moser Rear End. All of which were installed for racing while keeping the original drivetrain (Engine, Trans, Driveshaft & Rear End) safe for the next owner.  We have already addressed a couple small things that were point deductions and should now qualify for Concours GOLD.

I believe this is the only 70 Buick in the world that can score Concours Gold and run 11 Second ET’s?!?! 

Here is a YouTube video of the car taken at the 2022 MCACN Show >



These photos were taken right after we had the Car Media Blasted so our viewers can see how “Rust Free” this car is! Something about cars from Colorado!!