Distributor (Rebuild Service)
We can rebuild your Factory Distributor to look like new and perform better than new! We can also swap out the springs for lighter ones which will increase the performance. For $60 (Service Fee ) we'll completely disassemble your Distributor, Clean and Re-assemble with new parts and the choice of Points or the Lectric Limited Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit. All parts are separate as well as shipping and insurance.  Turn around time is around 1 to 2 weeks max. A typical rebuild when parts are added in is around $250 - $350  (Depending on the parts needed)    
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Distributor Base Plate Ground Wire
Reproduction of the Distributor Base Plate Ground Wire used on most V8 Buick Distributors Source – Lectric Limited   Note:  We use & sell  Lectric Limited  Products because they’re Made in the USA using Factory GM Blue Prints!
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Distributor Cap (American Made – Brass Contacts)
Best "Stock Appearing" Distributor Cap on the Market. Made in the USA and features Brass Contacts Fits - Most V8 Engines from that era Source - Lectric Limited
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Distributor Lead Wire
Reproduction of the Distributor Lead Wire used on Most Buick V8 Distributors Source – Lectric Limited   Note:  We use & sell  Lectric Limited  Products because they’re Made in the USA using Factory GM Blue Prints!
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Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit (Lectric Limited)

Lectric Limited Brand Electronic Ignition Kit.

This Kit replaces the Factory Style Points. Hooks up the Same Exact way as your Factory Distributor. No need to change any Wiring. Stock Appearing when Done! I've installed and sold over 100 of these so far and have yet to have any issues!  Simple design that works!! No extra wires like most other brands require. Hooks up to your Factory wiring. Does not interfere with the Factory Air Cleaner like an HEI does. We use this same kit on our "Stock Appearing" Stage 1 that runs' in the 11's. We also use Lectric Limited Factory Replacement Spark Plug Wires. If you want a simple conversion that work and looks totally stock this is the kit! Made in the USA Be sure to check out some of the other parts we have to restore your distributor.     We stock American Made Distributor Caps with Brass Contacts also. (Best in the Business and Stock Appearing)
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OEM Distributor w/ Lectric Limited Kit
This is an OEM Distributor that has been completely cleaned and rebuilt with new parts including the Lectric Limited Electronic Conversion Kit. The Lectric Limited Conversion Kit utilizes all the Factory Wiring so there's no need to add or change any wiring. We've also installed our "Made in America" Distributor Cap which features Brass Contacts. Once installed this kit looks 100% stock so for Concours Restorations this is the way to go. We use this same set up on our Stock Appearing 1970 Stage 1 that runs 11's while remaining "stock appearing" This distributor is currently set up for a 455 but can be utilized on 350 Engines simply be swapping the gear (which we can do at no extra charge)   Here is a break down on the new parts that are included in this Distributor: $169.00     Lectric Limited Electronic Ignition Kit $40.00       Distributor Core  -  This one was build in 1971 (1A25) and is Part Number 1112077 $55.00       New 455 Gear $30.00       American Made Cap with Brass Contacts $25.00       Vacuum Advance $17.00       Rotor $10.00       Lighter Weight Springs for added Performance $19.00       Rebuild Kit (Lead Wire, Lead Wire Grommet, Felt Washer, Washer Retainer, Proper Shims & Spring Clip) $60.00       Restoration Fee   ($425.00 if Purchased individually)       Note:  If this one is "Out of Stock" I have more! Just give me a call for more info . . . I have other build dates as well.     OEM Parts are Original Equipment that came off a “Parts Car”. Any of our OEM Parts will always be at least “Driver Quality”
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Vacuum Advance Unit
Replacement Vacuum Advance used on Buick Distributors Fits - Most Distributors of that era Source - Standard Motor Parts
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