Bolt Kit – Bucket Seats
Best Bucket Seat Hardware Kit on the Market! Fits 1969 - 1972 GM A-Body Bucket Seats Source - AMK & Stage 1 Restoration     Stage 1 Restoration has the most hardware of any vendor for the 1970 – 1972 GS / GSX & Skylark Models. Don’t see what you need ?  Give me a call, we probably have it!  
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Legendary Brand Seat Covers
We use and sell the Legendary Brand Interior Products because we feel they're the best in the business! Legendary does NOT stock Seat Covers. They are built as ordered. That way all the material comes off the same roll so everything matches. We've seen situations where even simple colors like Black didn't match each other because they were ordered at different times. The "sheen" was different on the Front Covers compared to the back. So with that being said if you're in the market for Seat Covers, Ashwell Covers and/or Door Panels I recommend ordering them all at the same time. That way they match and won't have any "shelf life" as well. All our Legendary products are below the Retail Price and we can have them Drop Shipped directly to you. Because there are so many options when it comes to Seat Covers & Door Panels I ask that you call your order in so we can get everything just right. So when you're ready give me a call - Todd - (715) 874-6037
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