GS Hood Insert Hardware Kit (Factory Bezels)


24 Pc Kit gives you the proper hardware to install your Factory GS/GSX Hood Inserts

Fits 1970 – 1972


Kit includes 8 of the following . . . .

  • Seal Plate to Insert Bezel 
  • Insert Bezel to Hood 
  • Insert to Bezel


Note: The Factory Bezels use a # 8 Screw to mount to the Hood.

The Reproduction Bezels made by TPP use a # 10 Screw.


Assembly Tip: We grind the very tip off the “Insert Bezel to Hood” screws just to make sure they don’t poke through the Bezel!

Install the Nuts with caution! Use some assembly lube! Do not force them as the studs can break! They’re made out of Pot Metal and will snap off if you force the nuts on. If you need to open up the nut slightly place it in a deep well socket upside down and insert a tapered punch in with a hammer to “spread” the threads a bit! Again, do NOT force them on!



Stage 1 Restoration has the most hardware of any vendor for the 1970 – 1972 GS / GSX & Skylark Models.

Don’t see what you need ?  Give me a call, we probably have it!


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