Bumper to Frame Bolt Kit (Hex Style)


Hex Style Bumper Bolts – Used to hold the Bumper (Brackets) to the Frame.

32 Pc Kit does Front & Rear!

Also includes the Correct “Conical Toothed” Phosphate Washers & Nuts.  (NOT Zinc Hardware store stuff like other vendors)

Fits 1970 – 1972 Skylark, GS & GSX



Note: GM used both Carriage and Hex style Bolts to mount there Bumpers. Buick used both as well. We prefer the Hex Style because they’re much easier to install and tighten/untighten due to the Hex Style design unlike the Carriage style that relies on the hole being square and precise that it has to “seat” in to. We do offer both!





Stage 1 Restoration has the most hardware of any vendor for the 1970 – 1972 GS / GSX & Skylark Models.

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