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“BUICK” Rear Bumper Emblem – 1970


Reproduction “BUICK”  Rear Bumper Emblem – 1970




Note:  We’ve installed enough of these that we feel the mold for these doesn’t allow the Emblem to fit 100% flat on the Bumper as it should. With that being said if you go through with the purchase of this item be aware that you will have to “Draw in the Ends” as it’s being tightened. This is a pretty minor issue but we like to let our customers know up front so there are no surprises. If this is something you don’t want to deal with you’ll have to use an original GM emblem. Once installed they look great.


The Finish on these is decent but not always 100% Perfect. You may need to “touch up” some of the Black in some cases. Just being honest with this part that is made overseas . . . .

These are manufactured by one supplier so regardless of where you purchase one this will be the case. We’re just up front about it!




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