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Water Pump (455 – Short Shaft)


This is the short shaft 455 Water Pump typically used on 1970 Models as well as 1971/72 without A/C or Stage 1 Option.


This Pump is generally used with the following 1970 Pulleys:
Crank – GM Number 1375143
Water Pump – GM Number 1375146

OR if used on 1971/72 Engines then generally used with the following Pulleys:

Crank Pulley – GM Number 1235779

Water Pump Pulley – GM Number 1238156

Fits 400, 430 & 455


Be sure to check your Pulley Part numbers because in most cases you cannot mix and match these!

As mentioned in the description this is the Short Shaft Pump which will not work with Long Shaft Pulleys!




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