Hood Tach Kit


Reproduction Hood Tach as found on the GSX Models

Kit provides the following:

  • Hood Tach w/ State of the Art Electronics
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • Wiring Harness ( only 3 wires to hook up )
  • Template & Mounting Hardware

Fits 1970 – 1972



Note: The Wiring that comes with this Hood Tach is more consistent with the Pontiac Wiring Colors. If you want the Factory Colored Wires maybe consider our GSX Hood Tach Wire Harness. This will allow you to splice in the correct colored wires that Buick used. If that’s not a concern the wiring that comes with the Hood Tach will work fine. The wiring is slightly different than the Factory Hood Tach’s so be sure to follow the directions when hooking up the wiring! Plugging this tach into an existing factory harness will NOT work. These have modern electronics and need to be wired as the directions indicate!


Note # 2: We’ve seen Factory GSX Hoods with Holes ranging from 3 3/4″ to 4″ in diameter to accept the Factory Hood Tach’s. This Reproduction hood tach requires a hole that is roughly 4 1/4″ in Diameter.



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