GSX Rear Spoiler


This is a Phone Order Only Item!

There are some details you’ll need to know
in regards to mounting and fitting the Rear Spoilers.
IF you want more information or wish to purchase
one please call for Details & Drop Ship Pricing!
We want to inform you of what to expect before purchasing this item.
Shipping is to expensive to purchase and then decide you don’t want it.
So give me a call and I’ll tell you what you need to know in order to be satisfied with this item.
UPDATE: We are no longer stocking these Spoilers or having them drop shipped. The main reason is the cost of shipping. There is not enough Profit in these to overcome the shipping fee’s to get them here. We are no longer “Drop Shipping” these due to the chance of damage during shipping. Long story short . . .  the risk of damage during shipping is to high and the cost of shipping these back and forth during a warranty situation greatly out numbers the potential profit. These are shipped in a Cardboard box with little or no cushioning from the manufacture so we’re at there mercy with this particular part. We do stock all the other items related to mounting this product if needed.
Note:  These are not “Prepped and/or Painted. You should plan on body work and paint prior to installation..

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