GS Hood Inserts (1971)


Reproduction GS & GSX Hood Inserts for the 1971 Models



Note:  The manufacture of these has had an issue with the Mounting Studs breaking during transit.


We see this from time to time on our shipments as well (From them to us) Once I receive them I repackage them to avoid the issue however we request they check them prior to shipping to us but we still seem to get some from time to time with a broken stud (usually only on 1 of the 4 corners)  We communicated this issue to them but it seems as though the issue isn’t being addressed. IF this is something you do not want to deal with please do not order them. As mentioned we request that they inspect them prior to shipping but we STILL seem to end up with some from time to time and it’s not an issue they’ll cover under “Warranty”.  These are NOT reproduced by anybody else so these are all we have access to.  If you’re willing to chance it then you can be assured we’ll repack them better than they arrive to us. But if you do not want to deal with the issue then I ask that you do not order them as we don’t have a way to warranty the issue at this time. I apologize but just being up front with this part . . . .


The Mounting Studs are also pretty short so we recommend using a Push Nut to install them.



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