Dash Tachometer (Pointed Lens)


This is a Nice Reproduction of the In Dash Tach used by Buick.   (Flat Lens Model shown but this model is the Pointed Lens Version)  (Currently on Back Order)

These feature the Metal Body like the originals!

Correct for 1970 with a Pointed Lens  (Most common on Early Build 1970 Models)


Note: These are currently on Back Order


Note:  Hook Up of this Tach requires the following:

  1. Wire going from the Back of the Tach to the Coil. (Marked with an “S” on the back of the Tach)  This Harness is sold new if needed.
  2. Wire going from the Back of the Tach to a Keyed 12 Volt Power Source. (Marked with an “+” on the back of the Tach)
  3. Ground the Housing also to insure the lights work!



We have the Wire Harness necessary to install these Tach’s correctly.

Please Note that a Factory 1970 GS or GSX already has SOME of the wiring needed.

A Skylark and some 1971/72 GS/GSX Models will need ALL the wiring to hook up correctly.

To learn more simply click here and check out the photos and information provided . . .   Tach Harness for GS/GSX



Available on backorder

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