Z-Bar – TPP Z Bar with 7/8″ opening for Smaller Engine Ball Stud


Reproduction Z-Bar that will work with 455 Engines. (Does require the smaller 7/8″ Ball Stud though)  Item # MT 3704 Z

Fits 1968 – 1972

Source – TPP



They do not have the 1″ opening for the Engine Ball stud like Buick’s came with from the Factory.
(So you’ll need to use a 7/8″ Ball Stud like what’s used on the 350 Cars) Our Item # MT 3704 Z

They do not have a “bump stop” for the Frame Side Ball Stud Bushings either.

Without that your Z-Bar will simply “float” from side to side.


Our Modified Z-Bars do have the bump stop in place as well as the 1″ opening for the correct Ball Stud.


Feel free to call me on these 4 Speed parts prior to purchasing since it is confusing.

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