Z-Bar – BBB Z Bar with 1″ opening for Factory Engine Ball Stud


We have some Big Block Buick Z-Bars along with the reproduction Ball Studs that are the correct size for your Buick!

Buick used there own 1″  size when it came to the Engine Ball Stud and Z-Bar.

Originals are super hard to find simply because Buick didn’t produce a lot of 4 speed cars like the other GM Manufactures.

This is also the reason why none of the Big Companies will reproduce them. (Not enough potential sales)


Note: Our Z Bar is the only one on the market featuring the 1″ opening for the Engine Ball Stud.

It’s also the only one on the market with a “Bump Stop” for your Ball Stud Bushing to lodge against.

Clutch Rod Bushing is also included and installed.

You may find these for less money but they will not have these Key Features!



Feel free to call me on these 4 Speed parts prior to purchasing since it is confusing.


Photo below shows a Factory Z-Bar on the Left and our Version on the Right.


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