Z-Bar & Clutch Rod (TPP BBB Version)


New from TPP . . . .

These were recently added to TPP‘s website. We have some in stock and here’s what we observed. . .

They do not have the 1″ opening for the Engine Ball stud like Buick’s came with from the Factory.
(So you’ll need to use a 7/8″ Ball Stud like what’s used on the 350 Cars) Our Item # MT 3704 Z


They do not have a “bump stop” for the Frame Side Ball Stud Bushings either.

Without that your Z-Bar will simply “float” from side to side. Our Modified Z-Bars do have the

bump stop in place!


They do have Bushing in place on the Clutch Rod end. (Which requires the proper BBB Clutch Rod!)
It must have the correct End to fit into the Bushing that Buick used from the Factory.


Fits 1968 – 1972 Buick Skylark, GS & GSX with 400 or 455 Engine – with some exclusions.

Source – TPP


If you want the correct Z-Bar with 1″ Ball Stud Opening, Bushing Bump Stop and a Clutch Rod order our Z-Bar – Item # ZBarKit3

Feel free to call me on these 4 Speed parts prior to purchasing since it is confusing.



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