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Throttle Cable (455)


Big Block Throttle Cable

Total Length (Tip to Tip) is 21″

Housing Length (From Bracket to Firewall) is 10 1/4″

Replaces GM Part # 1387262

Fits 1970 – 1972  455 Engines with Factory Intake & Carburetor

These also fit the 1968-69 Buick’s with a 400 engine as well. (Same GM Part #)

350 Cables are different and not currently reproduced at this time.



Please Note:  When installing this to the Carb Stud make sure it does NOT Stick. It must be able to rotate on the stud!!

When these are New they can be a bit sticky. Please lubricate the ball stud on the carburetor and work the cable back and forth to keep it from sticking.


Also Note: IF you’re using a different carb and/or intake then you will need to go off of measurements to see if this cable will work. As mentioned earlier it is designed to work with the factory components!


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