Switch (Headlight)


Replacement Headlight Switch

Fits 1970 – 1972  (Maybe More)

Source – Lectric Limited



Note: Because Buick’s use a Plastic Dash Bezel these switches must be grounded.

You can use the factory ground Buick provided OR you can use the built in Ground Spade that this Switch provides as well.

This is a nice feature most other aftermarket switches do not provide.


Photo below shows the Factory Grounds for the Headlight Switch and the Wiper Switch.

These should be in use for each switch to work properly.


Each one shown here installed correctly


There is also a Jumper Strap located between the Speedometer and Gas Gauge to help ground the Gauge Pods!

The Pods (Or Housings) must be grounded as well! If your Lights or Gauges don’t work look here 1st!


Photo below shows the “Extra Ground Spade” included in our switch.


This Extra Ground Spade can be used to ground the headlight switch to the chassis.