Horn Cap Mounting Kit (Tilt)


This is a replacement Horn Contact & Horn Cap Mounting Kit for anyone using the 3 Spoke Rallye Steering Wheels (For Tilt Columns)

Kit Includes:

  • Cancel Cam
  • 6) Steering Wheel to Hub Screws
  • 3) Horn Cap Retainer to Hub Screws
  • Horn Cap Retainer (Contact)
  • Horn “Contact Pin”
  • Horn “Spring”
  • Horn Spring Retainer (Insulator)



Note:  The Aluminum “Contact Spring” is a tad long on purpose.  Trim to proper length for your application. Generally 3/4″ is just about right.


Note: For a Bigger Photo of this click here



For a bigger picture of this Diagram please see Picture # 32 on our Factory Diagrams Page


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