Dash Decal Kit (Concours) – Factory Dash (Black)


“Black” Dash Decal Set – Concours Level  (For Factory Dash)

  • Replicated Standard “Black” Decal Set
  • Duplicated lettering fonts, sizes, & colors
  • White lettering has light blue hue at night when climate/heater control is backlit
  • Light does not shine through Decal when climate / heater control is backlit
  • Kit includes six (6) Black inserts – Die cut for precise fit

Fits 1970 – 1972 With or Without A/C

Source – Mark Wajda


Note: Some of you guys may have seen these on display at the 2022 GS Nationals.  These are easily the nicest Dash Decals on the market. We recently used these on the 2) GSX’s that were unveiled at MCACN 2021 – They’re more money than the competitors but if you want the best these are THE BEST!


Because there is a slight variance in the Factory Dash Specs vs the Aftermarket Dash specs 2 versions are offered.  This way you get a Decal Set that doesn’t require any trimming!



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