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Center Caps – Set of 4 (1970)


A nice reproduction Center Cap featuring the Buick Tri Shield

Correct for 1970 Models

Also includes 4 Locking Bars to lock the caps to your wheels!

$179.00 for a set of 4

Also sold individually¬† –¬† Currently on Back Order – More due soon!




The photo below shows the locking bar which can be installed with a couple screws to lock the center cap to the wheel. You can’t pull the center cap off without removing the wheel. That way nobody can steal your caps!


Also Note: The screws that the manufacture provides we feel are to short to do there job properly so we swap them out with longer screws. We also assemble the caps prior to shipping them. You will not get these items with any of the big name vendors!

The photo below shows the Supplied screw size on the left and the size we swap out on the right.



Available on backorder

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